September 5, 2012
Dear Mr. Tinsley:

Since 2008 I have been an extremely happy & pleased customer of all my electrical needs with your company.
All your employees are dedicated professionals.  On the last few calls Chris has responded to my residence located at — Eden Gardens.  He has been very cordial but at the same time very efficient in completing the task in a timely manner.
Then Steve was required to dig up an old electrical wire to my pump house.  He worked long and hard digging by hand around pine tree roots the whole way.  The heat of this time of year had to have compounded this hard labor.
I will be moving from Fla. the end of Oct. but I wanted to make sure I expressed my gratitude & appreciation for the quality of the employees you have.
Thank you Karen C.

Sugalski Construction Inc.

I have used Tinsley Electric Co. Inc. exclusively for the eight plus years I have been in Citrus County.  I have never had the want or need to go elsewhere.  Thank you Tinsley Electric Co. Inc.

Michael Sugalski, President
Sugalski Construction Inc.